Work and Holiday Visa for Australians

Participants will be able to engage in paid non-permanent employment, as well as pursuing studies or training. In each case, maximum time per activity is three months. Visa validity Participants shall be entitled to a Multiple Entry visa valid for a period of twelve (12) months from date of first entry to Chile. Requirements Age between eighteen […]

How to extend your tourist visa

The most common way in which tourists tend to extend their tourist visas is to travel to one of the neighboring countries, like Argentina, Bolivia or Peru, in order to come back to Chile after a couple of days and obtain a new tourist visa for up to 90 days (at the border or airport). […]

Cómo extender tu visa de residencia temporaria

Si cuentas con una Visa de Residencia Temporaria, tienes la opción de prórrogar (extender) su vigencia por hasta otro año más. Nota: Una visa de residencia temporaria es un tipo de visa en Chile y distinta de la Visa Sujeta a Contrato y la Visa de Estudiante. Este artículo solo se refiere a cómo prorrogar (extender) […]

How to extend your temporary visa

If you don’t comply with the requirements to apply for the Permanent Residency you must apply for an extension, otherwise you will have to leave the country. The reasons for not being able to apply for the Permanent Residency may be: You were granted a temporary visa with less than a year of duration. You […]