If you don’t comply with the requirements to apply for the Permanent Residency you must apply for an extension, otherwise you will have to leave the country.

The reasons for not being able to apply for the Permanent Residency may be:

  • You were granted a temporary visa with less than a year of duration.
  • You don’t want to obtain Permanent Residency and just want to extend your stay in Chile for another year.

What you will need to extend your temporary visa:

  • Application form: filled and signed; AND,
  • Copy of your passport: Identification pages, passport number, grant and expiry dates, passport page with the entry stamp, and tourist visa when applicable); AND,
  • Copy of the last Tourism Card: If you lost it, you can obtain a duplicate at International Police; AND,
  • One recent photograph: size 3×2 cm, in color, containing full name and passport number; AND,
  • Specific documents required in respect to the type of your temporary visa (which you had to send with your application)If you had two or more employment contracts during the length of you temporary visa, you will need:

    • Validity certificate of your employment contracts, issued by your employers (notarized). They will have to show the date of start, RUT of the employer and mention the amendments made to the contract which gave origin to the visa (when applicable).

    • Certificate issued by the AFP and ISAPRE/FONASA showing the payments made during the length of the visa; AND,

  • If you are a Colombia, Perú or Dominican Republic national and over 18 years of age, you will also need to present:• Colombia: A valid Judicial Background Certificate.

    • Perú: A Consultar Certificate of Criminal Records.

    • Dominican Republic: A valid Certificate of NO Criminal Records obtained at the Consulate of the Dominican Republic in Chile.

If you apply within the Metropolitan Region, the application is made by mail, and if you had two or more contracts during the length of your visa, you will need to send 3 recent photographs intead of just 1.

If you apply from outside the Metropolitan Region, the application is made in person, you won’t have to fill and sign the application form, and you will have to present 2 copies of your passport, 2 copies of your last Tourism Card, 2 recent photographs and 2 copies of your Identity Card (cédula de identidad), instead of 1.

Source: REQUISITOS DE PRÓRROGA TEMPORARIA and REQUISITOS DE PRÓRROGA TEMPORARIA EXTRANJERO CON DOS O MÁS CONTRATOS – Departamento de Extranjería y Migración – http://bit.ly/2qwHJ3Y | http://bit.ly/2qx5AAw

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