The Working Holiday Visa will be valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the arrival date into Chilean territory. This visa allows applicants to travel and work in short-term employment during their stay in Chile.

You are allowed to work up to 6 months with the same employer.

Please note that the Chilean Authorities are unable to assist individuals to gain employment under this Scheme.

To be eligible you must: 

A) Be a New Zealand national who is residing in New Zealand at the time of the application. You MUST be living in New Zealand.
B) Be at least 18 and no more than 35 years old (both inclusive) at the time of application;
C) Not be accompanied by children;
D) Submit your application and meet all the requirements listed below.

Documents required (scan and submit all the following documents – No exceptions):

1) Your passport’s photo page – Passport has to valid for at least 1 year 6 months.

2) Confirmed Flight ticket/Flight itinerary. You can provide a one-way flight booking.

3) Evidence of NZ$4200. CURRENT bank statements, credit cards statements, travel cheques or money orders.

4) Criminal Record Certificate from the NZ Ministry of Justice. Note that the Criminal Records take over a month to be issued.

5) Medical certificate confirming you are free of infectious diseases*: signed by a registered medical practitioner and dated within 30 days prior to date of application. The certificate must certify you are free of any contagious disease and in good health for your upcoming travel to Chile. Do not submit the medical results, just the letter of the medical practitioner/centre confirming that you are free of contagious diseases*

6) Travel Insurance: Medical and comprehensive hospitalisation insurance for 12 months; holdmedical insurance by the time of application. No exceptions.

7) Hotel Bookings or accommodation details (hold accommodation for at least your first day in Chile).

8) passport-size photograph (a COLOURED clear picture with a white background). Not a Selfie.

9) Complete and signed Application forms (at the end of this post).

How to apply for your visa? 

You have to do it online: Click, Press the English flag, and then press VISA.

Upload all the documents listed above one by one.

When to apply

There are no application dates for this visa. It is your responsibility to apply in advance to avoid inconveniences.

Application process

Only once the above mentioned information has been received, your visa will be processed.
Any missing documentation will cause a delay in your visa process at your own expenses.

Providing the information requested above does not necessarily mean that you will be granted a visa.

Additional information may be requested throughout the application process.

Once your visa has been stamped, the Consulate will coordinate delivery of your visa and documents you have to sign. They will discuss this matter with you once your visa has been approved.
Once they have received your application, and they have granted your visa, they will ask you to courier your passport so they can have it here when your visa is paid and ready to be stamped.

Once your visa is granted, you have 90 days to enter Chile and remain under your visa scheme.

You will have to register your visa within the first 30 days of arrival, and apply for a Chilean ID card. We include these instructions once we courier your passport with the visa stamped back to you.

Processing times

These visas take 10 working days in being processed and approved.
We do not carry out emergency processing, you must make sure you apply in advance and submit all the documents.


New Zealand Citizens: US$127 – Paid in NZD according to the exchange rate of the month the visa is granted.

Fees have to be paid only once the visa has been approved by Immigration Chile. Do not include cheques, credit card details or cash.

*Information about the medical letter

This is a regular/basic medical check, this exams might include:
– blood and /or urine samples (e.g.; to discharge infections, haemorrhage, sepsis, etc.). The doctor should be able to tell if you are healthy by a simple and regular medical check.
-Check of vital organs, to see if you have any hearth problems, appendicitis, tumours or anything that can be dangerous for you, and it can affect your stay in Chile.
-Personal Interview: the doctor will be able to tell if you suffer from depression, or any mental issues that can affect your stay during Chile.
Do not get X Rays. This medical check is a basic one, it is requested to discharge any disease or medical condition that can affect you during your stay in Chile, or disqualify you to travel abroad.
We need to make sure you don’t realize you carried a disease while you are away.

ABOUT THE APPLICATION WEBSITE: Where it says “Contact in Chile, Name of Employer/Educational Institution or place of activity in Chile” write down your accommodation details.

Chilean Consulate in New Zealand

Address: Level 4, 1 Willeston Street, Pencarrow House, Wellington 6011 – P.O. Box 3861.

Telephone: (64-4) 471 6270

E-mail: /

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00.


You can find the Working Holiday Application Form here:

Source: Chilean Consulate in Wellington – Working Holiday Visa for Chile

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