If you sent your visa application (or its extension) by certified mail or your Permanent Resident Visa application (online) and is not "en trámite" yet

So, you submitted your visa application but now need to travel outside Chile and you haven’t heard a word from the Immigration Department yet. How can you exit the country and re-enter without troubles? 

  • If you live within the Metropolitan Region or within the Gobernación Provincial of Antofagasta, you must submit your temporary visa or work visa (sujeta a contrato) application by certified mail. The same applies for extensions (prórrogas) – with the only exception of the MERCOSUR and Responsabilidad Democrática visas for residents of the Metropolitan Region, who must apply online through tramites.extranjeria.gob.cl.
  • The Permanent Resident Visa applications are made online since May 1st, 2019.

After you send your application, the only proof you have – for about 120 days – is the receipt you get from Correos de Chile, or  the digital Certificate you get right after you submit your Permanent Resident visa application through tramites.extranjeria.gob.cl

Can you travel outside Chile and come back only with these documents?

The answer is: Yes, you can, BUT starting from November 4, 2019, before you do, you need to apply for a Travel Authorization («Autorización de Salida») through tramites.extranjeria.gob.cl with at least 5 days and no more of 20 days of anticipation to the date of the trip, uploading the following documents:

✅ Copy of the digital certificate issued by Extranjería at the moment of the application, or a copy of the receipt from Correos de Chile; AND,
✅ Airline tickets, bus tickets or of any other type of international transport, where the destination is shown.

You must also indicate the reason of the trip on the application form (Holidays/Work/Visit family/Other).

travel authorization departamento de extranjeria y migracion chile immichile

Then, the Immigration Department will review your application between Monday and Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

The application may be approved or rejected, which will be notified by e-mail.

If the application is approved (Travel Authorization) you will receive a Certificate indicating that your visa, extension, or permanent resident visa application has been received and is now being processed by the Immigration Department (“acogida a trámite”). This document will allow you to travel outside Chile and re-enter during its validity, without troubles.

If the travel authorization is rejected, it won’t affect the visa application process.

So, as you can see, the purpose of the application (travel authorization) is just to speed up the visa application process, so it can be on the system (in process or «en trámite») before you leave the country.

This new process has been introduced by the Immigration Department through the Circular N° 29 BIS of October 28, 2019, which you can read by clicking right here.

Information and documents that you will have to provide:

  • Names (*)
  • Last Name 1 (*)
  • Last Name 2 (Optional)
  • ID, Passport or salvoconducto (*)
solicitud de autorización de salida departamento de extranjería y migración datos de contacto chile immichile
  • E-mail address (*)
  • E-mail address again (*)
  • Phone number (*)
  • Travel date (*)
  • Tickets (*) – reservations won’t be allowed – just confirmed tickets
  • Purpose of the travel (Holidays/Work/Visit family/Other) (*)
  • Date in which you sent your application (*)
  • Type of application – Visa or PR (*) 
  • Application number – from the digital certificate or from the receipt issued by Correos de Chile (*)

Finally, just click on «Enviar solicitud» to send the application.

If your application is already being processed by Extranjería ("en trámite")

If your visa, extension o Permanent Resident visa application is already being processed by the Immigration Departament, meaning that you can see its status on consultas.extranjeria.gob.cl, OR if you applied for a visa in person on a Gobernación Provincial (outside the Metropolitan Region and Antofagasta) and you have the receipt issued by Extranjería stating that your visa is being processed; THEN you can leave and re-enter Chile during the validity of this document («solicitud de visa o permanencia definitiva en trámite»), and DON’T need to apply for a Travel Authorization.

If the validity of your «Solicitud de visa en trámite» or «Solicitud de Permanencia Definitiva en trámite»  expires before or during your travel, you must extend its validity:

  • Online if you live within the Metropolitan Regiontramites.extranjeria.gob.cl
  • In person and before you leave the country on the nearest Gobernación Provincial  if you live outside the Metropolitan Region.
  • In person on the Immigration office located on the second floor of the International Airport of Santiago, before you leave the country, if you couldn’t get the extension on any of the above cases.

What if you are outside Chile and your application is not "en trámite" yet

In this case you have two options:

  • Wait until your application shows up on the Immigration website; OR,
  • Re-enter to Chile as a tourist: If you need to get a Tourist Visa before traveling to Chile because of your nationality, you will have to do so at the nearest Chilean Consulate, otherwise your entry will be refused.
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