New Immigration Act

The Ministry’s General Secretariat announced today that the government will present a total of 12 legislative urgencies this week to projects currently being processed within the Congress. Within the initiatives which will receive urgency is the new Immigration Act. The project was presented in year 2013 during the first government of Sebastián Piñera. The full […]

Map: Extranjería branches in Chile

RUN, RUT, Carnet, Carné…What’s the difference?

RUN (“Rol Único Nacional”) It is the unique and unrepeatable identification number that every Chilean has, whether residing in Chile or not, as well as every foreigner remaining temporary or definitely in Chile (25.XXX.XXX – X). The organism in Chile in charge of granting the RUN (shown in the “cédula de identidad”) is the Civil Registry […]

Driving in Chile

As a tourist If you are in Chile as a tourist  you can drive within the country with your foreign driver’s license or an International Driving Permit (carrying your passport all the time). “Nationals from other countries, who remain in Chile as tourists, will be able to drive a motorized vehicle during the duration of […]