All foreigners applying for a visa in Chile, will have to show how are they going to maintain themselves comfortably while in the country, both while the visa is being processed and when it has been granted.

To do so, foreigners have the following alternatives:

1. Apply for a work permit while the visa is being processed (“Permiso de trabajo con visa en trámite”)

Foreigners can apply for this permit checking the option in the same application form that needs to be filled to apply for the visa. However, the work permit is only available for those applying for a temporary visa or subject to contract visa as the holder (“titular”) and not as dependent (dependents are not allowed to work).

The work permit has a cost equivalent to the 50% of the price of a subject to contract visa (“visa sujeta a contrato”) according to the nationality of the applicant and it will be valid while the visa is being processed.

When this work permit is obtained the applicant will no longer need to prove the reception of income from any other source.

2. Affidavit of expenses (“Declaración jurada de expensas”)

This document can be obtained at any Notary Public. It can be drafted by someone else but it will have to get notarized before sending or presenting it.

This document proves that a person is taking responsibility for the maintainence costs of another person.

It is generally utilized by the holders of a visa in respect to their family group, or by Chileans who have foreign familiars to whom they promise to maintain financially in Chile.

This document must be supported by any of the following documents:

  1. Money exchange receipt with the name of the supporter.
  2. Cash withdrawal receipts (the cash withdrawals must have been made periodically).
  3. Photocopies of credit cards and receipts from withdrawals made with them.
  4. Certificate issued by the enterprise in which the supporter is currently working indicating the wage perceived or the last payslips.
  5. If the supporter has a business of his own, a copy of the last Tax Return or a copy of the last 4 VAT (“IVA”) payments.
  6. If the supporter perceives income from the delivery of services, a copy of the last Tax Return or the last 6 receipts for professional fees (“boletas de honorarios”).

3. Other alternatives

If the applicant cannot show evidence of funds by any of the above-mentioned ways, there are some other alternatives left:

  1. Demonstrate the possesion of bank deposits.
  2. Demonstrate to receive income periodically from overseas from rents or pensions.
  3. Demonstrate to be the holder of shares.
  4. Demonstrate the possesion of assets that report income.

Any of the above-mentioned ways to show proof of funds may be complementary.


Source: Departamento de Extranjería y Migración – TE10-ISO.pdf – 11/12/2013 – ACREDITAR SUSTENTO ECONÓMICO:

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